Some pictures taken at Joypad's awesome party last night!

We handed out several hundred glow sticks, drank wayyyy too much and paid £100 on a taxi trying to get home.

If you live around London, you gotta go to the next one, its off the chain!

Ok, announcement time. Tom has been secretly reconstructing Vectagon from scratch to make it better than ever. We’ve got plenty planned, and we’ll be talking about it all here!


Hey there, lovely fans! We’ve been quiet lately, sorry about that. We’ve been working on the game in our own time for a fair while now, and we’ve been on a break for the past few weeks so the team can pursue other projects. We all still very much intend to finish Vectagon, and how we do so really is affected by your feedback. You want us to plug in sounds and a leaderboard and to release it ASAP? Can do. Want lots of extra content and secrets? Let us know.
We’ll be back soon.